List of Volunteers

List of Volunteers

Trustees: Alec Tice, Kani Torun, Selwyn Hodge, Hilary Robinson, Julie Storr, Dick Heller, Rajan Madhok (chair)
IT support: Omo Oaiya (lead), Alan Barrett (software engineer), Lorraine Duff, David Wilson
Accountant: Alice Chimuzu
Academic Coordinator: Judith Strobl, Dick Heller

Student Support - Tejal Baxi, Mridula Bhat, Kenneth Bhauti, Karen Bollan, Habiba Burney, Petar Dimitrov, Lamsi Florou, Jeanine Gallazi, Annabel Henderson-Smith, Michelle Liang, Sam Mayo, Kevin Meagher, Jo Mills, Chelsey Rhodes, Caroline Solon, Lisa Madhok (a number of those in the tutors list were also active in student support)

Open Online Course developers - other than those mentioned in the lists below Nicola Avery, Aly Feroze, Ann Gates, Mohamed Haroon, Kichu Nair, Roger Worthington

Apologies to any people who have been missed! Please let us know so we can add your name.


* denotes module leader as well as tutor
First name Last name Number of semesters