Feedback from students

Feedback from students

A message about the closure of Peoples-uni to graduates produced a number of responses indicating the impact on their careers. Here is a sample:

“I am writing to express profound gratitude and deep respect. You may never know the REAL WORLD impact your altruism has made. Nonetheless, I am personally very grateful for People's Uni. It is because of your work that I have a career today.”

“Peoples Uni help me as the foundation for my academic career!!!”

“Even after post graduation from a reputed college of India, I had enrolled in MPH and I could learn so much more!! Many others like me has benefited from Peoples Uni too.”

“..high-quality low-cost education to the disadvantaged population, which has been hitherto a reserve to the rich. I am a beneficiary of this goodwill and without which I wouldn't have the competitive edge to Harvard University as a visiting postdoctoral fellow.”

“As a beneficiary from People's Uni, my career development advanced thanks to this institution.”

“I am however grateful for the opportunity that you and your team provided to us on this unique platform. To learn and empower us with world class education in public health at a very affordable rate which is exclusive reserve for the rich.”

“Peoples-uni has made a huge difference in my life and work. I had identified some gaps in my training and knowledge, Peoples-uni allowed me to fill these gaps and made me better. Peoples-uni was a wonderful initiative and as others have said provided a unique opportunity for those from disadvantaged backgrounds.”

“I am grateful for the role the pu had in shaping my career.”

“My life and professional carrier have been impacted positively by you and your colleague. The exposure to your courses has brought me out of my clinician mindset and led me to a combined experience in public health and clinical service. The skill has helped me in my work in the ministry of health top management and as a clinical researcher in the academic world.”

“The life that i am enjoying now its because of Peoples-Uni and the Team”

“I take this opportunity to thank you very much and your team for making it possible for us to get a word class education in public health. Peoples Uni maybe closing but it's impact will last for generations to come.”