Master module

Master's curriculum

Master’s awards were provided by Manchester Metropolitan University and Euclid University as MPH degrees and by Peoples-uni as a master’s level award. Each used the same curriculum, assessments and external review.

The Curriculum for the master’s programmes included core and optional modules, as in the table below. Students were eligible to enrol in the master’s programmes after passing two modules. Note: During the time that Manchester Metropolitan University was offering its MPH degree to Peoples-uni graduates, the requirements were for only 6 modules to be completed (as well as a Dissertation) and these modules carried 20 credits each

Core modules

Module name Credit
Introduction to Epidemiology 15
Biostatistics 15
Any one from the Public Health Problems group 15
Any one from the Public Health Problems group 15
Dissertation (Masters Awards only) 60

Optional Modules #

Foundation Sciences of Public Health Group Credit
Evidence Based Practice 15
Health promotion 15
Evaluation of interventions 15
Health economics 15
Inequalities and social determinants of health 15
Public health concepts for policy makers 15
Public Health ethics 15
Public Health Problems group Credit
Communicable diseases 15
Disaster management and emergency planning 15
Global mental health 15
Injury prevention 15
Maternal mortality 15
Non-communicable diseases 15
Patient Safety 15
Preventing child mortality 15
Public health nutrition 15
Weeks of learning Notional Learning Hours Credits ECTS** Credits
Topic 2 30
Course Module (5 topics) 15* 150* 15 6
Certificate Award (4 course modules) 40 (1 year part-time) 600 60 24
Diploma Award(8 course modules) 80 (2 years part-time) 1200 120 48
Dissertation (for Master’s Awards in addition to Diploma) 40 (1 year part-time) 600 60 24
Total: Master’s Awards 1800 180 72

*Includes time for orientation and assignments

** European Credit Transfer System