Students guide to Peoples-uni: help with common questions


Welcome to Peoples-uni. This quick guide will help you navigate our learning system – Moodle. New students can sometimes find it difficult to know where to go when they have a question. Others might worry they have missed something on Moodle – or get lost navigating. This page should help answer your questions. Remember that on-line education is a new way of learning for most people. If you are worried that there is something you haven’t found or any questions we haven’t thought of, then please email us at

Who are we

  • Helpdesk team. They can help you with all IT queries and staff the Helpdesk for students as well as tutors. we are very grateful for their constant efforts at keeping us organised! We also routinely forward your queries to any of our academic team as necessary, so you get the response you need.

  • Your Student Support Officer (SSO) will help you develop and reflect on your study plan, give you feedback on your academic skills, and help you prepare for the assignment. Every module has an SSO on its team, and the SSO forum Forum is available in your module to support your learning activities. Contact your SSO through the Students Corner Forum, if you do not know how to do so, please ask for assistance from the Helpdesk.

  • Tutors will help you reflect on the learning materials and share your learning with other students through the on-line discussion forum in your module. You will have a different tutor for every topic – lasting 2 weeks. You can contact them directly via the course page but if you do not know how to do so, please ask for assistance from the Helpdesk.

  • You can use Students Corner to talk with other students and share experiences/questions



Common questions students have and helpful links


Question/IssueSection in Student Handbook/Websitecontact if additional questions
IT Issues  
Enrolment into Peoples-uni
Applying for semester courses
Login to the course website
Reset password
How to use moodle
How to upload my profile picture, change my email address or contact address.
How to use your dashboard
Course application approval
Payment Issues  
Course fees and Scholarship application
Payment options
Instalment payment
Account balance/Transaction history/Receipts of payments
Module Issues  
Peoples-uni requirements for obtaining a Diploma/Masters level
Number of modules to offer in a semester
Change of module after course application has been submitted
How are modules structured?,Module leader and
Unsure what to write in the discussion forum
Participating in the discussion forums
Due to be out of email contact/web access during module leader
To re-take incomplete module from the previous semester
To re-take failed module

Dissertation Module requirments


Study Skills

Library of study skills resources
Preparing to Study
Difficulties managing time
Want to improve my referencing skills

To create a study plan

making study plans and writing reflective notes:

Student Handbook


How to write an assignment

Module leader
How to submit an assignment
Request for late submission extension
Peoples-uni criteria for a pass
Check and interpret plagiarism report
Final assignment grade and feedback from tutors
Number of assignment resubmissions allowed
Course Dates


Grade report and Academic transcripts/certificates


Grade report and Academic transcripts/certificates