The individual course modules/units each have a standard format and structure as per the list below:

  • Course module/unit title and a Course module/unit code (PU for Peoples-uni; Initials of the title; year developed. Thus the Maternal Mortality course module/unit developed for delivery in 2008 has the code PUMM08)
  • Type of course - all are for online learning with discussion forums and assignments for assessment.
  • Level of course - all are pitched at the Masters level.
  • Modules/units can be taken in any year of study, in any order, will involve 5 Topics each to last 2 weeks (although the Module will be offered over a 15 week period to allow time for catch-up and assignments). We plan to offer each module/unit twice a year. To complete an MPH with Peoples-uni, you will need to take Biostatistics and Introduction to Epidemiology as compulsory core modules before the dissertation; we also highly recommend MPH students to study the Evidence-Based Practice module.
  • Each module/unit contains the same number of credits (15 or 6 in the European Credit Transfer System) - other than the Dissertation which is worth 60 credits or 24 in the European Credit Transfer System.
  • The names of the course delivery team are given in each module/unit.
  • Objectives of the module/unit are expressed in terms of headline competences or learning outcomes (the major set of knowledge/skills that the student is expected to gain) and assessment criteria which are designed to help identify what will be covered in the assignments.
  • Each course module/unit contains the competences and assessment criteria, the resources to which links have been provided (and pdf files for those who want to download them to their computer), a discussion forum for discussions with other students led by at least one online facilitator, and the assignments required.
  • All material and discussion is in English.