Omo Oaiya

Omo Oaiya used to run Datasphir, a leading provider of Linux and open source software solutions in Nigeria. Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria with an international office in Chelmsford, UK. Datasphir is managed by innovative technologists who are able to devise new solutions for clients by integrating Open Source technologies. As founder of, he was instrumental in pioneering the use of e-Learning content in a number educational institutions and commercial organizations. He has subsequently focused this interest in the development and promotion of open standards in education systems design to drive down the barrier of adoption of practical technical solutions. He holds a degree in Pharmacy and has significant expertise in integrating open source technologies, including Moodle and Linux, in higher education environments.

Alan Barrett

Alan Barrett received his PhD in Chemical Engineering from University College Dublin. Alan has worked in the computer industry in a variety of technical and managerial roles. His experience covers process control, networking software development, computer hardware development and operating system development. He was until recently director of technology in Lotus's international product development group (part of the IBM software group). He has now retired from IBM and is working on open source software as well as pursuing interests in windsurfing, mountain walking and consciousness studies. He lives in Dublin.


The group are supported by a team based with Datasphir, including Ejiro Ekpogbe and Kafayat Adeoye.