There are three steps for enrolment in Peoples-uni courses:


1. You need to complete a registration form Click Here


2. You will be invited to take part in our 'Academic Skills' course for new students - these take place online in January/Febrary and July/August.  You will receive detailed information about the course a month before it begins. There is no payment for the Academic skills course.


3. In January/July we will send you an application form so you can choose specific modules.


Approval of courses usually begins in February/August. Once your application has been approved, you would receive confirmation with further details on when and how to pay your course fees. See more information about course fees and payment options here. The courses then begin in mid March/September with an orientation week (usually a week before topic 1) for introduction and familiarization. See more information about course dates here.


To help prepare for studying online with Peoples-uni we strongly recommend that you take time to explore the Demonstration module Foundations of Public Health.