Dates for Semester 1, 2019 (19a)


Application open and closes

January 14th – February 3rd (extended to Feb 28th)*

Week 0: OrientationMarch 11th - March 17th
Topic 1March 18th – March 31th
Topic 2April 1st – April 14th
Catch up and assignmentApril 15th – April 21st
Topic 3April 22nd – May 5th
Topic 4May 6th – May 19th
Topic 5May 20th – June 2nd
Catch up and final assignmentJuly 1st
End of semesterJuly 1st






















* Bursary  applications may not be able to be considered after the initial closing date




Dates for Semester 2, 2018 (18b)

Application open and closesJuly 16th – August 5th
Week 0: Orientation              September 10th - September 16th
Topic 1September 17th - September 30th
Topic 2October 1st – October 14th
Catch up and assignmentOctober  15th – October 21st
Topic 3October 22nd - November 4th
Topic 4November 5th – November 18th
Topic 5November 19th - December 2nd
Catch up and final assignmentDecember 31st
End of semesterDecember 31st