If you want to gain academic credit for the course module/unit you will need to complete the assignments.

There are no exams, but each course module/unit has 1 or 2 assignments. The assignments are designed to check that you have gained the competences/learning outcomes which are identified at the start of each Topic. Assignments will usually be posted by the start of Topic 4, although some are already there and some will appear sooner than Topic 4. They are designed to be completed at the end of the module, and there is time after Topic 5 finishes to give time for this. There are also some Quizzes for you to check on your knowledge, but these are not for credit. For details on how to submit an assignment, see Using the Moodle platform in the Handbook where there is a section on How to submit an assignment. 

Re-submissions: We allow one re-submission of any assignment that has not met the criteria for a pass. If progress has been made between the original and the re-submission, but the criteria for a pass are still not met, you may be able to make a second submission, either after feedback or by re-enrolling in a subsequent semester. Feedback is given each time to help make the improvements.

Timing of submissions: The timetable for submission is posted on the assignment. Please note, there are penalties for late submission. If you are going to be unable to submit the assignment on time, you should request permission from the module/unit leader in advance by an email to Unless permission is given, submission 10 days after the due date will lead to a fail, and submissions between the due date and 10 days late will only be able to achieve a maximum mark of 50%. Acceptable reasons for late submission include illness, bereavement of releative or close friend, displacement due to political upheaval, unexpected Internet access problems or unavoidable work commitments.


Please note that it is important to ensure that the assigment answers are your own work, and that we are relying on each student to make sure that the answer reflects your own competence and not that of someone else. While it is appropriate to include information you find on the Internet, the source of anything that is included in an assignment answer should be stated. So if you include a 'cut and paste' from the Internet as you have found something that is relevant to the answer, it is OK to do provided that this is acknowledged to be a cut and paste and that the source is noted. Pleaae make sure you read the section in this Handbook on


How to avoid plagiarism 

Please see more resources on students corner, including a template for a Draft assignment plan File and

Assignment tips File

Resubmission tips


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