Peoples-uni is delighted to announce a partnership with EUCLID University
I spent a few days in Pretoria to explore partnerships for Peoples-uni.   Many possibilities presented themselves and I am most grateful to my host, Flavia Senkubuge from the School of Health Systems and Public Health at the University of Pretoria for all the contacts she created.   
We are very excited to announce our new mobile-friendly website which is now live – please go and visit it, and share it with colleagues who may benefit from Peoples-uni courses and Programmes.  Our new flyer is also available on the site. On completion of the summer semester (2017a), the number of our Masters-level award graduates rose to 130 – Congratulations to our latest four graduates from Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria!  They will again join our now sizable Alumni Network where our Masters-level Programme alumni are supporting each other to undertake research and the next steps of their public health careers.
We are very sorry to announce the death of Alec Tice who has been a Trustee, Treasurer and Great Friend of Peoples-uni. He developed much of the governance and financial processes that enable Peoples-uni to do it's work, and supervised the award of student bursaries. Alec was passionate about ensuring people have educational opportunities, and took great delight in the progress and success of the Peoples-uni students.
We are proud to announce that one of our beloved MPH graduates, Joel Ruvugo, who is currently a tutor on the Non-Communicable Disease module, has been nominated for Vice President Operations for African Union Ecosystem Based Adaptation for Food Security Assembly (EBAFOSA Tanzania).African Union Ecosystem Based Adaptation for Food Security Assembly (EBAFOSA) is the first inclusive pan-African policy framework and implementation platform, a solutio
A few weeks ago, we wrote that one of the Peoples-uni tutors, Katrina Roper was heading to Sierra Leone to support the work and efforts to stop the Ebola crisis.She has now returned from her work there and is intending to share her experiences, but she also pointed us to this blog, written by one of her colleagues:http://pfmhcolumbia.wo
Public Health England held their annual conference over two days (16-17th September) and Fiona Reynolds attended. You may have followed some of her (@Fibigibi13) and our (@Peoplesuni) tweets over the course of the event. We're still adding Fiona's notes to the Blog.
Stephen Kalu, who graduated from the MPH programme with a Merit award in 2013 has published his dissertation in the Journal of AIDS & Clinical Research.His work which is titled Infant Feeding Choices Practiced among HIV Positive Mothers Attending a Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) of HIV Program in Nnewi, Nigeria focuses on how the HIV epidemic has significantly altered the context within which women make d
After an absence of two years, Prof Dick Heller popped in to Manchester (UK) at the weekend and we had a short reunion to catch up on news, plans and action planning for Peoples-uni.Prof Rajan Madhock (PU's chair) hosted a small gathering of an even smaller Leadership Group for afternoon tea and talk.It was great to catch up with PU's founder and make some more plans for our next steps.
24 Peoples-uni students have completed their MPH studies following sign-off at August’s Exam Board.This was the biggest cohort to undertake their dissertations to date and the results are excellent with eight students completing with a Pass, twelve with a Merit and four with a Distinction.At the February Exam Board, 15 graduated - ten with a Merit and five with a Pass.Undertaking the dissertation is a challenging